Oct 05

Changes to GYH Flight Allowance

The following changes to GYH(O) and CTF will take effect from 1 Oct 17;   GET YOU HOME (OVERSEAS) (GYH(O)) FLIGHT ALLOWANCES Assignment Country   GYH(O) Flight Allowance 1 Apr 17 £   GYH(O) Flight Allowance  1 Oct 17 £   United States of America (East)   1,585   1,433   United States of America …

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Sep 06

New Accommodation Policy

Click on the link below for the New Accommodation Policy.  We are currently editing the Housing Guide and it should be available on this website shortly with updated information.   BDSUS ACCOMMODATION POLICY 2017-FINAL-O

Jul 07

Pet Sitting from your home

With lots of exciting holidays and weekends away during the summer, understandably many people will offer to look after pets when friends go on holidays, but BE AWARE that if you are having pets into your home but have not paid a pet deposit you are breaking your lease and will be liable to any fees demanded by …

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May 22


Traffic Safety and Virginia law Posted on May 22, 2017 by Legal This column focuses on traffic safety and Virginia law, some of which was discussed during the Virginia State Police Traffic Safety/Safe Driving brief at the HQ on 17 May. There are many misunderstood or unknown traffic laws in Virginia, for example, Virginia law requires drivers to …

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Aug 17



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