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Aide Memoire for Sponsors of New Arrivals

Thank you for agreeing to act as sponsor for one of our new arrivals to the Tidewater area of Virginia. I am sure if you cast your mind back that you will agree that the initial contact with someone based in the USA was extremely valuable as you prepare for your families departure and those first few days in country.

To assist you in this important role as sponsor a please click on the link for the Sponsor Aide Memoire  – 20141113-Aide Memoire (Sponsors)    has been compiled with a checklist to assist you. All that we ask is for you to complete all of the steps listed, so that collectively we know we have provided a minimum level of support.

Finally, we hope you will be a great source of advice and support to the new arrival, but please remember that certain areas, specifically pay, allowances, travel,housing/furniture, will still need to be left to the USA Support Group(Tidewater) Support Team. If you have any questions or concerns over the coming weeks, I or a member of my team will be more than happy to assist you in carrying out this duty.