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Education Development for all ages while USA based

Educational development is available for all personnel overseas, from GCSE & A-Level courses, to sports coaching and vocational training and Open University courses. The use of Standard Learning Credits (SLCs) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCs) is highly recommended to offset the cost of courses.

Although training in these areas is not delivered directly by Hampton Roads military personnel, the Dam Neck based Education Officer is available to facilitate training opportunities, conduct research into courses and seek authorisation on behalf of UK personnel based in the Hampton Roads.

The helpdesk staff at Cambridge International Examinations are available to advise which specific exam is right for you (be it i-GCSEs, A-Levels, Open University courses etc) the Cambridge University website is:  and offers information on curriculum, examinations available, past papers and exam dates.

Most authorisation and guidance for RN and RAF personnel will come from the RN Education (Nets Ops) based at HMS Nelson.

Click on the following link to download the education Pamphlet as released by the Education Officer at Dam Neck <<<<<<<Remote Learning Education – Pamphlet>>>>>


Nets Ops Team

The team of 4 education officers can be contacted for further specific information on all Service and civilian courses and qualification. As educators, the team has a very good understanding of the opportunities available, as well as the best way to go about making the most of the education allowances available. Nets Ops can be contacted on 20 (9)380 24482.


Distance learning

The Marine Society / Mercer’s College ( provides online tuition for IGCSE, A-Level, degree course and vocational qualification. GCSE courses start at £310, and A-Level online tuition starts at £410.

An exam-only option is available, including free examinations, through the Defence Examination Centre. This option is not recommended for subjects that normally require tutor feedback such as English Language.


In-country tuition

There is limited personal tuition available in the Tidewater region for IGCSE and A-Level courses. Pam Fox, a local education coordinator, can give details of the tuition available (mainly for maths and English). Pam can be contacted on (757) 481-6275.

In addition, IAW JSP 752 Ch10 Sect 13, an allowance of £22.82 per hour can be paid by the MOD to a tutor who possesses either a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), or military teaching qualification. The tutor must also have passed the subject being taught at an education level above (i.e. must hold a pass at A-level to teach I/GCSE). The requirement would normally be for 3 or more personnel to attend these sessions.


Subjects Available can be found in the document at the top of this page (please note that not all subjects will be authorised).


Past papers and other resources:

Course syllabi, past papers, mark schemes and other resources can be found at:

In addition, resources can be requested from the Nets Ops team at HMS Nelson.


Exams can be taken at NOPF Dam Neck for all British qualifications. The NOPF Education Officer is authorised to invigilate these exams. All exams must take place at the same time as those being held in the UK. This can mean a potential start at 0400L.

Please forward the completed MOD F1950 (found in the document at the top of this page) to the NOPF Education Officer.  The form will be scanned and emailed to Nets Ops for authorisation at
Children’s Education:

The POC for children’s education is Jennifer Trotter, the British Embassy Healthcare and Education Coordinator. Jennifer can be contact on (202) 588-6577 or email at  In the event that Jennifer is unable to assist please contact FS Dickinson, the Education Officer, on his office work line.

Dependant Famility Members:

Family members are able to take advantage of the education facilities available but are not eligible for free exams.