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Do you have a Pet?

Rules For Keeping Pets In Allocated Private Hirings (in lieu of SFA) in the USA


  • The name and address of the owner must be inscribed on the dog’s collar.
  • All pets must be registered with the local authorities in the USA.
  • The Licensee is responsible for keeping the pet(s) under control at all times.
  • The pet(s) must be prevented from causing nuisance, including barking and fouling footpaths.
  • The dog must not be a full or part breed of any dog listed on the American Dangerous Dogs list.
  • Dogs are not permitted in Children’s play areas.
  • When Cats are found outside of the grounds of your property, they may be impounded or
  • Animal Control may be contacted.
  • The Licensee is to ensure that pet(s) do not damage the fabric of the building, spoil the make-up of the garden area or cause damage to perimeter fencing/boarding.
  • The Licensee is to notify the USA Support Group(Tidewater) Housing Co-Ordinator if there is any change to the information provided.
  • The Licensee must ensure that carpets, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings are left clean and free of infestation, through professionally de-fleaing and cleaning, and make good gardens spoilt by animals prior to march out. Failure to do so may result in charges being raised against the individual.


Permission will only be considered for the pet(s) listed. Permission must be sought on an individual basis should further pets be acquired. It is standard for a non-refundable upfront pet fee, or monthly fee to be sought from Owners/Agents, however, where negotiable, this will be made a refundable deposit. This payment is between the tenant and the owner/agent. The MOD does not pay for pet deposits.


The USA Support Group(Tidewater) Housing Co-Ordinator retains the right to revoke permission to keep a pet(s) should any of the above rules be contravened, in accordance with JSP 464 Chapter. If for any reason, permission to keep a pet is revoked, the owner/licensee is to make arrangements for the animal(s) to be re-housed within 2 weeks of written notification being received.


Pet Sitting in your Home:  Please read the link below for rules and regulations regarding Pet Sitting.