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Dependents completing US university after tour end date

Student Visas for dependents to complete Virginia university courses post tour date


If you have a dependent who will be enrolled at university during your tour and who would like to complete their studies even after the personnel members’ tour end date it is absolutely possible to make this happen.

It involves changing the dependent’s visa status to an ‘F-1’ (Student) Visa.  You can apply for this visa change either while in the USA via the U.S Department of State and then the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) or from abroad via a U.S Embassy or consulate.  In both cases, the principal alien and dependent will require assistance from the HQ SACT office of the Legal Advisor and  from the Visa & Immigration Service Advising at Old Dominion University.

You should start the process 90 days prior to the service member (principal alien)’s tour end date by meeting with the HQ SACT Legal Advisor to discuss your plans, ensure you understand the process and gather relevant documentation as discussed during this meeting.

Further details and actions can be sought from the British Embassy USA Support Group (Tidewater) office in Norfolk or directly from the Legal team at HQ SACT.