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Pre-Arrival Information

Congratulations on your Assignment to the USA.  The USA Support Group, Tidewater team supports the UK military/MOD civilian personnel and their families who are assigned to the Tidewater region of Virginia, by providing the highest level of customer service and consistent application of the ‘Duty of Care’ obligation, whilst achieving the best value for money within the financial allocation.  In addition to providing support during the arrivals/departures process, the team is responsible for the provision of accommodation/furnishings and, via the Embassy in Washington, assistance with healthcare and education, throughout the period of assignment.  Additionally, for those personnel who are parented by the Global Admin Unit, the USA Sp Gp will offer JPA support, advice and assistance on pay and allowances and handle any personnel management issues.

You will need to have access to the website for some of the links below, log-in and password can be obtained by emailing the team at


Arrival Steps:

1.  Assignment Order to be sent to USA Support Group Tidewater

2.  Individuals to access New Arrivals Aide Memoire which will help you through the planning and preparation for your relocation Stateside.

3. Individuals to complete and return the Immediate Information Proforma

4.  Individuals to complete Form BDS 940 and return it to USA Support Group Tidewater.

5.  The USA SpGp will send you a Visa Status Letter. Please note – your arrival process will be stalled if you delay sending your Assignment Order or F940 to the USA Support Group Tidewater.

6.  Individuals to complete visa process using the ‘Visa Application Guide‘.

7.  Individuals to read ‘Six Weeks Prior to Arrival Letter‘.

8.  Individuals to read ‘Welcome to the United States of America‘, a letter written by the DA and MinDM.

9.  Individuals to book hire cars and hotels through HRG online booking tool and send confirmation to the USA Support Group Tidewater team using the Form 1.

10. Individuals to complete the Arrival Admin Forms pack-up, issued at march-in, prior to the Arrivals Brief.

Please ensure that you follow the above steps to avoid any unnecessary admin issues on arrival.  Please contact the USA SpGp if there are any questions.