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Claiming back for accommodation items

For all the accommodation items which you are entitled/authorised to claim back for please use the embedded form below:

>>>>>>>>300 BDS – Accom Items<<<<<<<<<

(Also available on HERE.  Just type BDS300 into the ‘Form Number’ field and click search).

Sign the form and bring it to Housing Co-ord in Norfolk along with original receipts and authorisation letter*.  We will then send it to the Claims Processing Center via our internal BFPO 63 mail run.

*Authorisation letter is NOT required for air filter claims

NB Carpet cleaning  is only claimable only if ‘professional’ cleaning is required by the lease.  Anyone with pets cannot claim for ANY carpet cleaning reimbursement, regardless of what lease requires. This is effective 26 May 2015 and will affect only those individuals who have signed a ‘Lisence to Occupy’.   Anyone with pets in residence prior to this date are able to claim for professional carpet cleaning IF requested in the lease but CANNOT claim for obligatory flea/pest treatment.  Proof of flea/pest treatment is required.