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Registering a Birth in the UK

The process in which UK Service Persons and UK Based Civilians who have children that are born outside of the UK, apply for a British Birth Certificate, has changed effective immediately. The previous process instructed service persons to apply for a UK birth certificate through the consular section in the embassy first, then apply for a UK passport immediately following the issue of a UK birth certificate by the consular section.  The consular section no longer issues birth certificates. This is now done in the UK. As yet the MOD have not issued instructions on new procedures for Armed Forces Personnel. In the Interim the following process should be adhered to:

1.         Parents must apply for a US birth certificate and US passport in the first instance.

2.         Apply for a UK passport through their local J1 Team. Individuals should not be applying for passports directly with the Passport Office.

3.         Once US passport and US birth certificate has been received along with all supporting documents, you can then apply for UK birth certificates through the following link

On request, your Embassy support Admin Team will provide you with a copy of an ‘employers letter’ when applying for a birth certificate.

As at Sept 2014 all details are correct, (for latest details visit

baby flow chart