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Obtaining Competitive Car Insurance on Return to UK

The UK NLR recently wrote to the 2nd Sea Lord and raised a number of issues including financial penalities that personnel, who have been based in the USA for 3 years, face on returning to the UK.

In his reply to Capt(RN) Doyle, which you can read here, the 2nd Sea Lord agreed to write to the Chairman of SIIAP outlining our case, in the hope that at least one of the major insurance providers would see the benefit of allowing military personnel serving overseas to resume their previous no claims bonus on returning to the UK. The Chairman of SIIAP responded in turn and his letter can be read here. A list of SIIAP members who offer motor insurance can be found at:

In the other areas that were asked to be addressed, the maximum period to pay back an advance of pay on assignment overseas could not be extended beyond 12 months and unfortunately, the financial penalties incurred when cancelling mobile phone contracts was deemed to be covered in Disturbance allowance.