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Mail Forwarding / Redirection of US Mail Items

The redirection of US mail on moving back to the UK has been a bit of a grey area. Any US mail handed into BFPO 63 will be redirected for up to a period of three months which is ample time to close bank accounts etc. and shut down mail to US house addresses. UK postage is appended to redirected US mail when it reaches the BFPO sorting centre in Northolt.




United States Postal Service (USPS) will forward mail to international addresses, initially for 6 months with an extension of up to a year. The service is free and only includes letters and small packets. No parcels or commercial items are permitted.

To register for this service you must manually complete a USPS Form 3575 available from your local USPS Office and place it in the post or in person to a USPS clerk. Online applications cannot be taken. If you are unable to obtain this form or have moved already, you can simply send a letter to the Postmaster in the town where you live(d) giving you and your families names, old and new addresses and date to start and stop forwarding. The Postmaster’s address for Virginia Beach is Postmaster, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23541.

International mail forwarding is looked at as a temporary service so tick the relevant box in Form 3575 to annotate this. The statement below regarding international mail forwarding has been taken from the USPS website link


International Mail

  • A temporary COA forwards mail for 6 month intervals, not to exceed 1 year.
  • First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail cards, and unregistered letters (all with domestic delivery addresses) are forwarded internationally, for 12 months, as long as both of the following conditions are met:
    • The mailpiece does not contain a non-forwarding endorsement.
    • The mailpiece does not appear to contain merchandise.
  • Express Mail Service, Periodicals, Package Services, Parcel Select, Standard Mail, and Parcel Select Lightweight items (all with domestic delivery addresses) are not forwarded internationally.
  • For items originating outside the United States that are sent to an addressee who has moved within the United States, refer to the postal service of the foreign country.
  • Items addressed to foreign countries generally will be forwarded to a new address of the addressee in the country of destination, subject to collection of redirection charges prescribed by the internal regulations of the country.
    • The original destination country may forward an item to a third country if the item complies with the conditions required for its further conveyance, and the extra postage is paid at the time of redirection or the original destination country is satisfied that it will be able to recover the redirection charges.
  • The Post Office™ will advise publishers of a customer’s new address.
  • All international mail that is not forwarded will be treated as RTS (returned to sender) or waste, depending on the class of mail.


No endorsment of the USPS service can be made by BayBrits nor liability for any missing mail as a result of undertaking any mail redrection service.