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Departures Aide Memoire and Pre March Out Guidelines

As you prepare to leave Virginia, please be aware that the official route to travel home has changed slightly. When you come to arrange your homeward travel, the official route will be to fly directly from Norfolk to your nearest home UK airport via a east coast hub rather than using a hire car to get to DC and then using the Trooper. It is recognised that this new ‘official’ route will not be appropriate in all cases (pets etc) so if you require an alternate route home (Trooper and hire car) you will need to make a case justifying your request to BDSUS Washington – please note that wanting the extra baggage allowance, available of the Trooper, will not be a convincing justification!

In light of the above, only the Service Person is entitled to take 2 peices of hold luggage. There is no entitlement for spouses or children over the age of 5 to have the 2nd piece of hold luggage unless you are going to use the Trooper and a hire car, since internal flights do not allow for the 2 x 23kg hold luggage per passenger that the Trooper does. If internal flights are used, charges incurred for the extra luggage would not be reclaimable.

IAW JSP800, the Service Person can apply to bring a 3rd piece of hold luggage, up to 23kgs, if they are required to wear uniform up to the final few days in their current position. For non-trooper flights, the cost of this additional bag will have to be paid on check-in and the cost reclaimed back on JPA after arrival. To request this extra bag, you will need to get authorisation from BDSUS Washington.

The following has been inserted into our arrivals/departures guides but we wanted to ensure you have all been made aware of this recent amendment.

Baggage Allowance

Please note that whilst the Service person is entitled to 2 x pieces of hold luggage at 23kgs each, other family members are only entitled to carry 1 x 23kg item of hold luggage for the flights from Norfolk – Heathrow (please see table below).  Additionally, iaw JSP 800 “a. Uniform. Personnel who are required to wear uniform, including service dress, after their unaccompanied baggage has gone and before their unaccompanied baggage arrives at their new posting destination, are entitled to 1 extra piece of luggage at 23kgs.”  Those wishing to take advantage of this extra bag need to ensure they inform Abbeywood when submitting the Application for Family Travel (F/MOV/564), or for single personnel, their HR staff when submitting Application for Travel (F/MOV/562).


JSP800 – Table 24: Hold Baggage Entitlements for Air Travel

Ser Type of Travel Method of Travel Rank/Status Weight Limit
1 Service Personnel On Normal Posting RAF AT or combined RAF / Charter / Commercial Routes All ranks 46 kg /
2 pieces
2 Service Families On Posting RAF AT or combined RAF/Charter/Commercial Routes Spouses (see Note 1), Accompanied children (see Note 2) Unaccompanied children 23 kg /
1 piece

1. Includes Registered Civil Partners.


2. Most airlines whether MOD Charter or Commercial will permit a family to take a pram/stroller/buggy as accompanied air baggage outside of their baggage allowance. Booking offices are to use this wherever possible.


The following documents have been produced to help you plan and prepare for your return to the UK:

Pre-March Out Aide – view the pre march out guidelines which will be used to ensure your property is up to standard

20151005-Aide Memoire (Departures) – details all the actions you need to take to ensure a smooth transition to your next posting after the USA