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Additional shipping when returning to the UK

If you need additional capacity above the government shipping allowance, there are a wide choice of companies who offer a freighting service to the UK. Your personnel circumstances and requirements will obviously dictate which one you opt for. Details of approximate costs from one such company are listed below. As with all these things you are encouraged to do your research thoroughly before deciding upon a particular company.

When shipping goods to the U.K. there are two basic ways to transport via ocean. One is by using lift vans [wooden containers].The other option is using an overseas container. Standard overseas containers are 20’ or 40’ in length. There are three basic costs on an international move: Origin services fee, transportation fee, and destination services fee. Origin and destinations fees are based
upon weight. The transportation fee is based upon the size of the container. Choosing the right size container to suit your needs and control cost is your most important decision.
Listed below are rates that will give you a general idea of the costs involved. Rates are based upon deliver within a 50 mile radius of London:
One lift van [approx 1,000 lbs]: $2,052.00
Two lift vans: [approx 2,000 lb]: $3,052.00
20’ container [approx 6,500 lbs]: $5,125.00
40’ container [approx 12,000 lbs]: $7,180.00

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