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Preparing for Departure

This page is designed to help personnel and their families prepare for their return to the UK at then end of their tour in the USA.

The New Departures Aide Memoire is the official guide for British personnel departing:

NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation (SACT), Norfolk, Virginia
Naval Ocean Processing Facility (NOPF), Dam Neck, Virginia Beach
or other Units in or around the Virginia Tidewater area.

The document contains checklists to assist you prior to leaving the USA and prepare you for your return to the UK. It also details the accommodation options open to you for your final week in Virginia Beach/Norfolk.

You may also find the following useful:

This link to the Newcomers and Serving Staff page on the ACT website, provides some very useful information for personnel either arriving or departing the USA. In particular the Departure Guide, although aimed at NATO personnel, provides some very useful information and tips for those who are cioming to the end of their tour and preparing to return to the UK. Please take the time to look through it before departing on assignment.

A Guide to Service Families on the Move is a Tri-Service information booklet aimed at families who are due to move on assignment.

Applying for a Families Quarter in the UK? The Defence Infrastructure Organisation provides Service Family Accommodation in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To find out more information, or applying for a FQs using the online Form 1132, visit the new .gov.uk website.

Additional shipping when returning to the UK

If you need additional capacity above the government shipping allowance, there are a wide choice of companies who offer a freighting service to the UK. Your personnel circumstances and requirements will obviously dictate which one you opt for. Details of approximate costs from one such company are listed below. As with all these things you …

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Advance of Pay on return to UK

Regarding advances of pay and unrecovered overpayment debt as counting towards the £10K beneficial loan threshold, this is being rectified for tax year (TY) 16/17 onwards.  Therefore those who might owe MOD a lot of money due to (1) recent overpayments (e.g. RAF AIP or AAC RRP(F)) and/or (2) having been posted overseas and taken the …

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Departures Aide Memoire and Pre March Out Guidelines

As you prepare to leave Virginia, please be aware that the official route to travel home has changed slightly. When you come to arrange your homeward travel, the official route will be to fly directly from Norfolk to your nearest home UK airport via a east coast hub rather than using a hire car to …

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Mail Forwarding / Redirection of US Mail Items

The redirection of US mail on moving back to the UK has been a bit of a grey area. Any US mail handed into BFPO 63 will be redirected for up to a period of three months which is ample time to close bank accounts etc. and shut down mail to US house addresses. UK …

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Obtaining Competitive Car Insurance on Return to UK

The UK NLR recently wrote to the 2nd Sea Lord and raised a number of issues including financial penalities that personnel, who have been based in the USA for 3 years, face on returning to the UK. In his reply to Capt(RN) Doyle, which you can read here, the 2nd Sea Lord agreed to write …

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