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Passport applications/renewals

With immediate effect all applications for passports for Service Personnel and their dependents must be submitted through USA Support Group(Tidewater) Admin Office.
Under no circumstances are applications to be sent direct to HM Passport Office.

Below, you will find links to the Passport Application process and a copy of Guidance Notes.  You are to read the Guidance Notes thoroughly, paying particular attention to the supporting documentation required for each type of passport application.

Complete the Application Form SE/04/01 hardcopy (available from USA Support Group(Tidewater) office).  This must also be countersigned by an Officer of Capt rank or above, you should forward the application and supporting documentation to the USA Support Group(Tidewater) Admin Office, who will complete a final check, before sending it off to the Identity & Passport Service Armed Forces Team via BFPO.   For first time (initial) applications for children born in the USA, a certificate on unit headed paper will also be provided.

Please note that you are NOT to dispatch the application yourself.

Provided the application has been completed correctly and it has been authorised by HM Passport Office, the passport will be produced at their central UK printing centre and returned to the USA Support Group(Tidewater) Admin Office by BFPO .  Any supporting documentation will be returned separately to the USA Support Group(Tidewater) Admin Office.

Application Methods and Processing Times: Foresight and advanced planning are important and therefore accuracy is essential to avoid delays. Passports can be renewed at any point up to 9 months prior to the expiry date and any remaining time left on the passport will be added to the new passport.

Payment method and fees: Payment for passports processed through HM Passport Office Armed Forces team is to be made by entering your personal credit/debit card details onto the mandate form and then reclaimed via JPA. Note: The mandate form will authorise HM Passport Office to charge for the passport and for any ‘non urgent’ return postage overseas.

With effect from 1st August 2013, service Personnel will not attract any delivery fees providing the Passport is delivered to a BFPO address. If, however, the customer requires delivery to a different address then they will liable for the relevant overseas delivery fee (may not reclaimable on JPA).

Passport checksheet                          What Supporting Documentation do I need?

Completion Guidance Notes              Payment Mandate Form


Further Information can be sought from either USA Support Group(Tidewater)  Passports or via