Skiing at Snowshoe Mountain Review

Snowshoe Mountain from the chair lift

Skiing at Snowshoe Mountain – A Family Holiday

We drove to Snowshoe on the 27th of December; setting off late morning. The drive took around 7 hours, but our street hadn’t yet been cleared of snow when we set off and only one lane of the highway was clear so it was a little slow going to begin with!

However, once we got out to Richmond, the drive was smooth and we reached the mountains at around 10 O’clock. The satnav enabled us to find the resort, hidden away in the deep snow and we arrived, hungry and tired in the Basin Area.

We woke early the next day to make the most of the fresh snowfall from the previous evening and were rewarded with lots of powder! The runs at Snowshoe are wide and family friendly, with plenty of places to rest and grab a bite to eat or a hot drink, littered between chair lifts. The Village at the top of the basin is full of restaurants for both lunch and dinner – but at peak times you could find yourself waiting a long time for a table, so plan your mealtimes carefully!

The skiing in the basin is very good for families with young children but at the top of the mountain you can walk across to the Western Territory for two double black diamond runs if you fancy more of a challenge! ‘Cupp Run’ is challenging just for its length, but ‘Shay’s Revenge’ is steep and icy with a large mogul section near its finish that should only be attempted by the skilled and brave!!

An experience not to be missed, by experienced and beginner skiers alike, is the night skiing at Silver Creek! The evenings aren’t as crowded as the day time and there is something a little surreal about skiing in the dark. The floodlit runs are really beautiful, with the light playing gentle shadows over the snow. There is also a tubing area at Silver Creek where the children can amuse themselves for a few hours in the afternoons and evenings.

We had a fantastic holiday at Snowshoe and will be returning next year. The skiing wasn’t exceptionally challenging, but more experienced skiers shouldn’t be frustrated as the variety and quality of skiing is still vast. In all, Snowshoe is a beautiful family oriented resort, with lots going on for all ages!