Grand Canyon Review

A flying adventure to the West Rim

We flew to the Grand Canyon from Boulder, near Las Vegas, our daughter described it as scary and exciting! There are several different tours starting at about $120 pp and going up to $500 pp if you take a helicopter tour to the bottom of the canyon.

Grand Canyon
Our tour flew us over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and then over the Mojave Desert to the west rim. During the plane flight we listened to an excellent commentary about the history and geography of the region. We landed 5 minutes away from the skywalk. A coach drove us from the airstrip, with a first stop at the Skywalk.


The skywalk is only open in good weather, make sure you can obtain a refund if you buy your tickets in advance and then can’t use them. The Skywalk was an extra $30 in addition to the plane flight.

The Skywalk is a u-shaped glass observation deck that extends 4000 feet over the Colorado River and allows you to look down into the Canyon. It’s an amazing piece of engineering and the views are incredible. You aren’t allowed to take any bags or cameras on the Skywalk in case you drop them over! There are lots of resident photographers on the Skywalk who will take photos that you can buy later in the shop.

The second stop was Guano Point for panoramic views of the Colorado River, walking trails along the rim of the Grand Canyon, and mining artifacts. Here we used our voucher (included in the flight package) to buy our traditional native Indian buffet, which seemed more like a cowboy meal! There was an interesting walk up a small peak where you could take photos.

We left our hotel at 12 midday and took off from Boulder City AeroCenter at 1.15pm, the flight took about 35 minutes. This gave us about 3 and a half hours at the canyon before the flight back at 5.30. The flight is not for the faint hearted, the flight back was amongst fork lightening and driving wind and rain!