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BFPO/Parcel Post 

As we are a Restricted Service BFPO, we can only offer a limited service from this office.  Generally speaking,  Mail is sent and received in this office every day at around 10.30am.  There is no restriction on sending Letters and cards under 100g with the correct value Royal Mail postage stamps on them.  

We have been advised that from now on, we will be allowed to send a restricted number of small parcels to the Embassy from this office each week via our UPS delivery system.

The service will be strictly controlled I’m afraid, and we cannot afford to abuse the system in any way or we will lose it again, so please bear this in mind when attempting to send parcels.


We will be restricted to sending out


Each parcel should be UNDER 2kg and no bigger than an average shoebox.  Please ensure to write the name and address of both the Addressee and the sender,  and don’t forget to affix a Customs Label on the outside of the parcel.


All parcels must have the correct value UK Postage Stamps!!


 Unfortunately we will NOT be selling stamps, but you can order them online at Royalmail.com and I do have customs labels here in the office if anyone requires them.


(We have been told that some people have been successful ordering the stamps using the following addresses:  HQ SACT, BFPO 63, Ruislip, HA4 4DQ  OR  BFPO 63, BF1 3AQ)


 ***Please note that postage printouts from the Royal Mail web site will NOT be accepted***


 There is no restriction on receiving parcels of up to 30kg and we will still be doing the Christmas Parcel Run (date to be announced in due course) when we will drive parcels up to the Embassy in time for the Christmas Post as long as they have correct value postage stamps!


We will keep you updated on any changes