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Townebank – Restrictions on Foreign Transactions

Members of the British Community who have a TowneBank account and Mastercard will be interested in the following statement from the bank:

“We strive to provide our members with the highest level of flexibility and access to funds. However, we also take the security of your accounts very seriously. Unfortunately, there are several countries where there is a high level of attempted fraudulent ATM/Debit Card activity. In accordance with Master Card recommendations, the following transactions have been restricted in order to protect our members.

• All ATM or Debit card transactions are unavailable in the following countries:
• Spain
• Romania
• Malaysia
• Turkey
• Japan

• Only ATM withdrawal transactions are available in Great Britain.
• ATM transactions are unavailable in Canada.

***If you plan to travel, please contact your local Hometown Banker before you depart. Once the bank has been notified of your travels, we will be prepared for possible international charges and withdrawals on your account(s), which will reduce the chance of interrupted access to your funds while you are traveling.”

Many thanks to Emma Hart who kindly shared this information.