Get You Home (Overseas)

Following a review of GYH(O) flight allowances, the table below details the revised MOD Flight Allowances rates for Get You Home (Overseas) effective from 1 October 2018, which replace the rates promulgated on 1 April 2018.

The rates, multiplied by the number of eligible immediate family members travelling, are intended to assist towards the cost of a standard economy return flight to the UK, from the country in which the Service person is assigned. The rates, which are subject to a 6 monthly review, are based on commercial flight costs, so are as likely to decrease as much as they are to increase.

Personnel booking private flights using the allowance are to ensure they fly out of and into the closest international airports to their Residence at Work address and their UK Leave address.

(All fares shown are return flights)

1 Apr 18

1 Oct 18

USA (East) to London




Use of Virgin ‘Trooper’ flight from Dulles to London Heathrow.  

Families may apply to use the Virgin flight to return to the UK on GYH(O) travel.  A personal contribution may still apply to reflect the difference between the actual cost of the Virgin flight and the GYH(O) flight allowance.

Terminal costs to/from London Heathrow can be claimed as per the above paragraph.