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‘MoneyForce’ financial website

MoneyForce has been delivered by The Royal British Legion, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, it is completely impartial and free at: www.moneyforce.org.uk.

Personal finance is an individual responsibility, but the unique nature of Service life (e.g. mobility, absence on deployment and overseas service) brings specific challenges that can make financial management more challenging and Defence has a responsibility to address disadvantage through the Armed Forces Covenant. Furthermore, money worries cause stress and can be a distraction at work which can impact on operational effectiveness.

Launching MoneyForce delivers on the commitment made in the Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report 2012.

All members of the service community are encouraged to visit the MoneyForce website www.moneyforce.org.uk which will not only help improve their financial awareness but includes tools to help them budget, plan and manage their money most effectively.