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Within this section, we have provided contact information and details on the:

RN/RM Single point of contact for welfare – A new approach and the primary way to contact all RN & RM Welfare Services.

Single Service Families Federations –  Independent voice of the UK Military families, working to improve the quality of life for military families around the world.

UK Welfare Services – Supporting overseas based military personnel and families

Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) – Provides a focal point for casualty administration & notification and compassionate travel for those personnel serving overseas.

Fleet & Families Support Centres of Hampton Roads

Charities & Associations linked to and supporting the UK Military and their families

Additional Guidance…………

Armed forces domestic abuse: where to get help


Links to UK Tri-Service Families Federations


UK Welfare Services

SSAFA provides practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving or has ever served and their families. Whenever you need us, we’ll do whatever we can to help.


The UK’s largest provider of relationship support, and every year we help over a million people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations to strengthen their relationships. Contact the Chief Clerk to find out more about funded sessions through the RAFBF and the RNBF.


Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.


Big White Wall is a safe online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping and find help through sharing what’s troubling them, guided by trained professionals. Available 24/7, BWW is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely & openly.


Cruse Bereavement Care support you after the death of someone close. If someone you know has died and you need to talk, call us on 0844 477 9400 or send an email.



The Fleet & Families Support Centres of Hampton Roads

The above image will link you through to the main Fleet & Families Support Centers website, where you will find additional links to their monthly newsletter and quarterly SIGNAL publications, providing details of courses and professional services that can offer advice on a vast range of subjects, including the following:

Personal Finance Management
Counselling – Couples Workshops
Victim Support
Stress Management
Consumer Awareness

They also have School Liason Officers who are the subject matter experts for Kindergarden through Year 12 education issues.

The Relocation Assistance Programme is also open to British families and Mrs Rosalie Escue, from the FFSC Oceana/Dam Neck, recently gave a presentation to the NOPF wives and openly invited them to seek out assistance from the Relocation Services department.

FFSC is also raising awareness of domestic violence, through it’s Family Advocacy Program and is committed to promoting healthy relationships, strengthening families and preventing abusive behavior.

For more information on the Fleet & Families Support network, please call (757) 953-7801, or visit their website using one of the above links.


Charities & Associations

The RAF Association is committed to providing confidential, professional and fair services to members of the wider RAF family from the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran and their families. On-going training and support for welfare volunteers and staff ensures services are consistent and of the highest possible standard. All will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.



Whilst the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity does not give grants directly to individuals, there are a number of ways for both current or former Royal Naval personnel and their dependants to seek help supported by the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity. A list of charities and contact information, including Royal Navy Officers’ Charity, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service Trust, Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund and The Women’s Royal Naval Benevolent Trust is available here.


ABF The Soldiers’ Charity are for soldiers, for life, providing financial assistance to all soldiers and their families when in need. If you think they can help, don’t hesitate to call their support line on 01144 207 811 3207 or apply for help online.



The RAF Benevolent Fund has three main goals, or charitable objects. The reason it exists as a charity.

1 –  maintain and preserve the RAF Memorial in London on behalf of the nation.
2 –  provide assistance to the RAF family, when they are in need.
3 – support the morale and wellbeing of the serving RAF.

If you need their help, call the support line on 01144 800 169 2942 or complete the online application


The Royal British Legion provides welfare to the whole Armed Forces family – serving, ex-Service and their dependants. We also campaign on a range of issues affecting Service people, are the custodian of Remembrance, run the annual Poppy Appeal and are one of the UK’s largest membership organisations. Call them on 01144 20 3207 2100 or email Legionline


MoneyForce is the offical home of money guidance for the UK Armed Forces community, including active servicepeople, veterans, reservists and families. Whether you’re dealing with debt, interested in investments or puzzled about payday loans, MoneyForce will arm you with all the information you need to get MoneyFit.
Lady Grover’s Fund was founded in 1911 and provides financial assistance to dependants of officers, whether serving or retired. We support officers’ wives, husbands, widows, widowers and dependant children with contributions to hospital fees, nursing and home help following injury or illness. The subscription is £35 a year. To join, contact 01144 845 873 7161 or email