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Reclaiming Costs of Child Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons


The UK National Curriculum states that schools must provide swimming instruction either in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2.

If your child is in grades Kindergarten to 5 and their school does not offer swimming lessons, you can claim the costs of private lessons during the school year. Lessons will be funded by the MOD for children in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. If your child cannot swim 25m using recognised strokes by the time they begin 2nd Grade, you may continue to claim for lessons until your child can swim 25m. Lessons cannot be claimed for children in 6th Grade or above.  Swimming lessons are to be claimed on Form 510 and submitted to Healthcare and Education with the receipt attached to the form.  The name of the swim school used is to be included on the claim form along with the dates the lessons were taken.

Within the limits described above, you can claim for eight lessons per school year. The lessons must be taken during the school year (September – June). Lessons taken during the summer holiday months (July and August) cannot be claimed for. You can claim up to $15 per lesson. If your child’s lessons cost more than $15, the difference in cost will be a personal expense.​​