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Nursey Payments and Wiring Charges

Nursery Payments Wiring Charges

Payments made by Service Personnel for wiring nursery fee payments to their US bank accounts can be reclaimed. Individuals need to submit a claim to CPC on Form 922 and attach a copy of their bank statement(s) showing the charges and a copy of their original authority letter from Service Children’s Education (SCE), for payment. No claims will be paid unless all paperwork is complete.

Nursery Allowance Payments

Due to bank fees being incurred by individuals who opted to have their Nursery claims paid into their US Bank Accounts, an amendment to the Defence Instrction Notice (DIN) has been issued to allow Claims Processing Centre (CPC) in Washington to process claims.

Please note that the process remains the same – Annex A ‘Application to join the civilian nursery overseas scheme’ & ‘The Unit Endorsement’ remains the same. Annex B remains the same and should be used if you wish your claim to be paid into your UK account. Annex C however now gives you the opportunity to have your claim paid through the CPC in Washington and should be completed and sent with your receipts for this payment option.

In line with the amended DIN when sending your claims to CPC:

1.      Attach copy of SCE Authorisation letter

2.      Attach original invoice/receipt of payment

3.      Submit claims to: CPC, 3100 Massachusetts  Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20008

SCE remain the policy holders for Nursery Allowance Payments, therefore personnel should direct any queries regarding the authorisation of nursery fees or policy queries direct to SCE. CPC will only be responsible for the processing of claims.

The full DIN is available through DESTINY