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Ladies & Gents,


You’ll recall a recent email from the UK NLR that sought to establish a committee to better govern and run the Brit Fund.  That committee is now formed and am pleased to provide an update on the challenge given to us: provide auditable governance and transparency of its funds to its members (current and prospective) and an events plan that will return investment to its members.

With agreement of the UK NLR, the responsibility and operation of the Brit Fund has now transferred to this committee and operates as a Private Fund.  I am supported with a team eager and able to represent your interests and who are committed to enhance the UK community spirit.  The Fund has a constitution and financial plan that articulates, among other aspects: the purpose of the fund; the committee and meeting structure; how it will audit and manage its financial affairs; and its arrangements for membership and subscription collection (the boring but necessary bit!).  We have also agreed a list of events that will directly benefit from the Brit Fund and we encourage you and your families to be part of renewed effort.  As a reminder of what the fund is about (extract from the constitution): “The Brit Fund is a voluntary private club providing British military and civilian personnel assigned to or living in the Hampton Roads Tidewater Region a focal point from which to organise and fund UK community activities for and on behalf of its members and guests”.

We’re now in a position to share various administrative documents – as any paying or prospective member of a fund should expect – as part of our first step to ratify the Fund with the membership and encourage non-member to join.  Your feedback and comments would be warmly received.

Moving to some specific points.

Your committee.  Formed by a pool of willing volunteers, we have a team which represent all parts of the membership:


  • Wg Cdr Al Rutledge
  • Lt Cdr Ben Moran
  • Mr Tony Solomon
  • Mr Sean King
  • SSgt Laura McMann
  • Mrs Wendy Furness
  • LWtr Michaela Craze


Future of Events.  Keen to provide some immediate return of investment to its members, the committee have agreed (and propose) a Financial Plan for the 17/18 Financial Year that will support the following events:


  • Arrivals BBQ – 10 September at the Seal Park, JEB Little Creek.  This will be a free event, organised by the committee, and open to the UK TW community to welcome new arrivals and their families.  Please pass this information to new arrivals.  More details to follow shortly.


  • Battle of Britain Dining Event – 15 September at the Military Aviation Museum, Pungo.  This is a formal dining event to mark the 77th anniversary of the BoB and to celebrate some military heritage and tradition.  Brit Fund members have benefited from a 20% early-bird discount.


  • Christmas Drinks & Mince Pies – details TBC.  We envisage this will be a free (or low cost) event open to all.  Volunteer sought to organise.


  • Easter Event – details TBC.  We envisage this will be a free (or low cost) event targeted for families. Volunteer sought to organise.


Ultimately, if you have an idea and are willing to organise and event, the committee is here to assist and will consider all requests for financial support (where it meets the purpose of the Fund!).  Please come forward with your ideas – the fund is yours to benefit from.


Membership.  Membership will remain at $50/tour for military personnel and $15/year for civilians.  We have attempted to reconcile several years of payments and membership list.  We have set-up a more robust way to manage membership going forward, but there are invariably gaps which we need your help with please in order to update our records.  If you feel you have paid, but are not on the list, please contact SSgt Laura McCMann and Mrs Wendy Furness and we’ll update accordingly.  If you would like to join and take the benefits of the membership, again, please contact Laura or Wendy. 


Administration documents.  Our constitution, Financial Plan, membership list and committee minutes are all available on the Bay Brits website and the noticeboard in the UK NLR office (behind the JPA terminals).  Please take the chance to read them and provide any comments back to the committee.


Finally, the quality of events we are able to deliver increases as our membership numbers grow.  I hope this note, and the recent efforts of the committee, encourage and give you confidence to join the Fund.  The committee is here to represent your interests and enhance the UK community spirit – please be part of that by volunteering, contributing your ideas and becoming a member.


Leading NATO Military Transformation Al Rutledge

Wing Commander (OF-4 GBR AF)

Programme Manager, Bi-SC PMO, Cap Dev 
HQ Supreme Allied Command Transformation (NATO)

7857 Blandy Road|Suite 100|Norfolk, VA |USA  23551

Office: +1 (757) 747-3984

Cell:  +1 (757) 536-6661



20170724_Brit Fund membership


20170519_Brit Fund RoDs_NU

20170810_Brit Fund_Financial Plan

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