Family Support

Advice and information for dependents

These pages cover some useful information for dependents, for both during the tour in the USA and in getting ready to return to the UK.

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THE BRIT FUND – CONSTITUTION – V8 – APPROVED CONSTITUTION – 19 JUL 17 20170724_Brit Fund membership 20170519_Brit Fund RoDs_NU 20170810_Brit Fund_Financial Plan     Ladies & Gents,   You’ll recall a recent email from the UK NLR that sought to establish a committee to better govern and run the Brit Fund.  That committee is …

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Community Support

Welfare provision during your tour in the Tidewater area It is impossible to summarize all of the various issues that a family may confront during their tour in the United States. Details of what welfare and community support is available, are provided through the arrival brief, and websites and, of course, the USA Support Group (Tidewater) Chief Clerk, …

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Link to BayBrits Education Page

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Healthcare guidance

The healthcare pages on the website have recently been updated. The changes have been made in order to improve the clarity of the guidance and to ensure that you can locate the relevant information depending upon your status. When you access the main healthcare page, you will need to select one of two links; ‘Military (including …

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MILITARY PERSONNEL – Universal Infant Free School Meals

Please note that has been updated with the relevant guidance and forms to claim for free school meals for children in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Year 1. Attached are forms Annex A1 (Authorisation from CEAS) and Annex D (Claim form for Military Personnel).     Universal Infant Free School Meals   In line with the Department of Education, The …

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Reclaiming Costs of Child Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons   The UK National Curriculum states that schools must provide swimming instruction either in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. If your child is in grades Kindergarten to 5 and their school does not offer swimming lessons, you can claim the costs of private lessons during the school year. Lessons will be …

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UK Railcard Applications

  HM For​ces Rail Cards ​The purpose of this page is to provide pertinent information regarding HM Forces Railcards. This does not supersede policy contained within Defence Instructions and Notices 2014DIN01-133 or related Defence policy. Overview​ ​The HM Forces Railcard offers a 1/3 off the price of UK rail journeys.  Service personnel should note that the …

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National Insurance Credits – Overseas Assignments

Entitlement to Apply for Class 1 National Insurance Credits When employed in the UK, all workers are expected to pay National Insurance (NI) contributions, which are usually deducted from salary in the same way as income tax. Qualification for a full basic State Pension depends on year of birth: men born after 1945 and women …

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