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Feb 28

What’s on in Hampton Roads in April

Click on the link below for a list of various Concerts, Events and Sports fixtures in the Hampton Roads area this month!


What to do in April








Feb 12





Fellow Brits,

Whilst it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the sunshine whilst parading on last year’s NATO Festival, time is upon us once again to start construction of this year’s show-piece for the Festival on 28 Apr 18.

The theme selected for this year is the RAF100. Not only does this present us with a robust theme (and opportunity for all the fliers to show off their grow-bags in public), it allows us to combine some of the build-up activities with other RAF100 events, especially the Families Day on 14 April at Pungo Military Aviation Museum.

The concept for this year’s display aims to combine a bit of serious stuff with a lot of fun:

  • for the slightly serious stuff we aim to create a snazzy replica-plane display on the float with two large pieces and a number of smaller models that illustrate the 100 years of RAF history;


  • for the fun stuff we plan to have lots of kids, big and small alike, flying in formation alongside the float dressed in self-decorated planes (breaking out into the occasional dog fight as the mood takes them).


In order to make it all happen we need help from the Brit community. We seek volunteers in a number of areas to work in parallel:


  • specialists with a keen model-making eye to assist with the construction of the timber models for the float and to prepare the wearable plane templates.


  • generalists happy to deconstruct last year’s float and prepare it for this year’s models.


  • kids of all ages to build the planes they wish to wear on the day (with a bit of parental help) and to decorate their creations either at home or at the Families Day on 14 April. Our thought is to limit the number to 12 but if we have a lot of interest we could look to supply more.


So, first off we welcome volunteers to help out with these areas for however much time you think you can offer. Please email either David Blow on daveblow@hotmail.com or Nick Bolan on Nick.bolan@act.nato.int with whatever assistance you can offer. We’ll consolidate and ask you to attend particular sessions (to maximise availability and avoid everyone turning up on the same day!). Please let us know if you have a child who’d like to make and decorate a cardboard plane to wear on the day.

Work on the models and float preparation will take place at NATO Norfolk Festival’s warehouse. This will be open from Friday 23 Feb and Saturday 24 Feb 18 then every Friday and Saturday leading up to NNF Parade Day on 28 April 18. Opening hours are Fridays from 1200 to 1500hrs; Saturdays from 1000 to 1300hrs.


Preparation of the wearable planes can take place pretty much anywhere!


Many thanks in advance!


David and Nick

Jan 07


Brit Fund Phone Box



The committee exists to provide a focal point to deliver and support a range of events that support individuals (Service and civilian) and their families who are assigned to the Tidewater area.  Your committee is:  Al Rutledge, Ben Moran, Tony Solomon, Sean King, Laura McMann, Michaela Craze, Lou Syms and Wendy Furness.

Committee Position available.  Due to posting, the Secretary position is becoming available.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining the committee.



Diary markers:


26 April – NATO Fest.  Great day in Norfolk celebrated with all the NATO nations. Details of parade and festivities to follow from the organising committee (POCs – David Blow, Nick Bolan).

15 September – Welcome BBQ (JEB Little Creek, Seal Park).  Following the successful event last year, this will be an inclusive family event (free for members), welcoming new arrivals put on by the Brit Fund.  BBQ, drinks, kids games.

20 October– Trafalgar Night.  Led by the Royal Navy contingent (POC Chris Bennet).  The fine dining event plans be open to all ranks and their partners in order to mark the 213th anniversary of Trafalgar Night, observing best tradition.  Details to follow.

Event planning for 2018.  The committee is preparing the Financial Plan for the next financial year.  This is your opportunity to offer suggestions or volunteer to run an event so we can assign some money towards it.  If you would like to see a particular event, or would like to lead in organising an event, please speak to any of the committee – we’d love to hear from you.

Membership.  To become a member of the Brit Fund – to take advantage of reduced or free events – please visit the NLR office and speak to either Laura or Wendy.  Membership is $50/tour (military accompanied), $25/tour (military unaccompanied) or $15/year (civilians).  Your membership will help the committee provide and support events for the benefit of the Brit community.

The Brit Fund Committee



Watch this space for monthly updates!

Oct 31

Free & Inexpensive things to do in Hampton Roads!

Click on the link below for a list of ideas of free or inexpensive things to do in the Hampton Roads area




Free and Inexpensive Things–IRF

Oct 05

Changes to GYH Flight Allowance

The following changes to GYH(O) and CTF will take effect from 1 Oct 17;

Assignment Country   GYH(O) Flight Allowance 1 Apr 17
  GYH(O) Flight Allowance  1 Oct 17
United States of America (East)   1,585   1,433  
United States of America (West)   1,278   1,444  
United States of America (Hawaii)   1,636   1595  


(All fares shown are return flights)
Flight Journey   1 Apr 17
  1 Oct 17
USA (East) to London   1,585   1,433  
USA (West) to London   1,278   1,444  

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