AFPS15 Compliant Pension Calculator

As the changeover to AFPS15 is fast approaching, this is a reminder that the Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) Online Pension Calculator is available to any Service person to help with pension forecasts. The calculator will provide a forecast of pension benefits accrued under existing schemes (AFPS 75 and AFPS 05) until 31 Mar 15, and a forecast of benefits that could be earned under AFPS 15 which will be based on Career Average Revalued Earnings rather than final earnings or on representational rates of pay for each rank under AFPS 75. This change is reflected in a new section in the calculator which is designed to be an interactive tool, allowing Service personnel to input a range of career scenarios and different exit points to see how they affect future entitlements. The calculator can be accessed online at

While the online pension calculator will provide forecasts for over 95% of Regular Service personnel some Service personnel (across all Services) are not able to get an accurate forecast from the current calculator; those members of these groups can request one free pension forecast from SPVA each year by completing  AFPS Form 12 and forwarding it to SPVA in Glasgow.