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The committee exists to provide a focal point to deliver and support a range of events that support individuals (Service and civilian) and their families who are assigned to the Tidewater area.  Your committee is:  Al Rutledge, Ben Moran, Tony Solomon, Sean King, Laura McMann, Michaela Craze, Lou Syms and Wendy Furness.

Committee Positions
The committee would like to express their thanks to Michaela Craze and Laura McMann for their sterling efforts in their respective Secretary and Treasurer roles, and to wish them well in their new postings.

We welcome Lou Syms on to the committee as the incoming Treasurer.

We are seeking volunteers to take on the Secretary position.  The committee is an ideal opportunity to have you say on the committee and bring your ideas and get involved with the planning of British community events.  If you are interested, please contact any of the committee.

Committee administration documents
In our commitment to provide the membership will full transparency of its affairs, the Fund’s constitution, Financial Plan and latest committee minutes are available on the Bay Brits site under the Brit Fund tab.

Financial Plan for 2018-2019
As per our constitution, at the end of each Financial Year, the committee will present a summary of its income, expenditure of and financial plans for the membership to view.  That is available in full on the Bay Brits website.

In 2017/2018 the Brit Fund spent just under $2500 in delivering and supporting British community events that included: the welcome BBQ (Little Creek), Battle of Britain dinner (Military Aviation Museum), Remembrance reception, Christmas event (Shorebreak) and RAF100 celebrations (Military Aviation Museum).

In 2018/2019 you can expect a similar spread of events that’ll include: a welcome BBQ, a Remembrance reception, a Christmas event, support to the Royal Navy Trafalgar Night and a family orientated Easter event…with potential for more.

Our aim is to ensure all Brit Fund events are free to members (and their families), and where we support other events, that Brit Fund members attract further discount to those events.

Event planning for 2018

Our ability to provide all of this is dependent on income from membership, an ability to generate profit at selected events, but moreover, your continued support to contribute and attend these events.

We trust you are enjoying the spread of events we either run or support, but if you would like to see a particular event, or would like to lead in organising an event, please speak to any of the committee – we’d love to hear from you.

To become a member of the Brit Fund – to take advantage of reduced or free events – please visit the NLR office and speak to either Laura or Wendy.  Membership is $50/tour (military accompanied), $25/tour (military unaccompanied) or $15/year (civilians).  Your membership will help the committee provide and support events for the benefit of the Brit community.

 The Brit Fund Committee


Watch this space for monthly updates!