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New committee, a refreshed social calendar…and a new logo: your new Brit Fund – supporting the Brit community

I wrote in the Summer to advise that the Brit Fund is now operating as a newly formed private fund with a fresh committee eager to support and put-on events for the Brit community.  With some essential governance put in place, the Fund has now published its constitution, committee minutes and Financial Plan which are available to the full and prospective Brit Fund members on the Bay Brits site.  Moving forward, our focus is now in delivering and supporting a number of events to bring the Brit community together where we can mark British and Service traditions and take advantage of the climate and facilities on offer in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area.


The Fund aims to publish regular updates on the Bay Brits newsletter for which this inaugural update aims to introduce you to the committee, showcase some recent successes and promote some future events for you to look forward to.  The Fund will have an active role in either delivering or supporting the respective committees in putting on events.  We aim to be inclusive as possible and directly benefit the Brit Fund membership by offering those members significantly reduced or free tickets to these events.


The committee represents the broad spectrum of civilian and Service personnel in the area and it exists to provide a focal point to deliver and support a range of events that support individuals and their families who are assigned to the Tidewater area.  Your committee is:  Al Rutledge, Ben Moran, Tony Solomon, Sean King, Laura McMann, Michaela Craze and Wendy Furness.


Recent events – organised and/or supported by the Brit Fund:


  • Easter BBQ. Informal family BBQ in First Landing State Park in lieu of the Easter Egg Hunt.  Thanks to Laura McMann for organising a successful impromptu BBQ.
  • Newcomer BBQ. Free event to all, provided by the newly formed Brit Fund committee, to welcome new arrivals.  Great turnout, with some top-notch BBQing and family games in some glorious weather!


Brit Fund Newsletter


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  • Battle of Britain Dinner. Brit Fund provided a grant to the organising committee to help mark the 77th anniversary of the BoB in style.  Held at the Military Aviation Museum, the event was attended by over 160 guests of all ranks, various nations and their partners.  Brit Fund members benefitted from discounted tickets.





BoB Spitfire Newsletter picBoB dinner pic






  • Remembrance Reception. A fitting remembrance reception for the Canadian and British contingents with generous food and hospitality provided by Wendy and Stuart Furness.
  • Christmas event. Enjoyable and well attended family gathering at Shorebreak with food, drink and presents for the children.  Free for Brit Fund members.  Organised, with our thanks, to Michaela Craze on behalf of the Brit Fund. 




                                                                              Shorebreak picPizza & beer pic



                                                                                           Brit Fund Christmas event pic

2018 Events – Diary markers:


  • 25 Mar Easter Hunt/BBQ. Brit Fund lead.  Details to follow – volunteer required to organise.



Watch this space for monthly updates!

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